Need Canberra tutoring or Queanbeyan tutoring? What next?

Step 1


Book a FREE assessment on our 'Appointments' page, or contact me for further information. 

 0417 000 200. Tutoring across all Canberra suburbs.

Step 2


Utilising the data collected from the assessment process, we work together to create an individual tutoring plan for your child. 

Step 3


After your child's first tutoring session , I will contact you to discuss their experience and make any necessary changes. 

The Assessment


How does it work?

Firstly, we discuss your child's needs. Based on that information, your child then completes the appropriate assessments. This data will help us to design an individual tutoring plan. 

What do the assessments tell us?

I utilise the best resources available to educators. The results of the assessments indicate your child's literacy and numeracy requirements. 

How long does it take?

Allow for approximately one hour. 

Where do the assessments take place?

Wherever suits you, your home, the local library or even a cafe. Tutoring in all areas in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

What next?

If you decide that my services are right for your child, I will develop an individual learning plan to suit your child's needs. This process incorporates data from you, your child, the assessment results and if desired, your child's teacher(s). 

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High School Readiness

10 week programme

Each tutoring programme runs for 1 term (10 weeks). Each session runs for 60 minutes and includes homework tasks that encourage your child to share their new learning with you. 

One week holiday programme

Tutoring runs from Mon - Fri, 9am until 12pm and/or 12.30pm until 3.30pm, at selected Canberra suburbs. Students can book for one tutoring session or both sessions.  This programme includes homework tasks that encourage your child to share their new learning with you.  

The Programme

See the 'How we work' page for more details.

One on one and small group tuition


Primary School Tuition

Year 3 to Year 6, Literacy and Numeracy. 

Secondary School Tuition

Years 7 to 10 English, History, Geography. Specialising in Essay Writing and Critical Thinking.  Years 11-12 Sociology and Theory of Mind. 

Secondary Mathematics and Science

I have several years of experience tutoring and teaching secondary students in Canberra who find maths and science challenging.

I am unable to tutor secondary students in maths and science who require extension. 


It is recommended that tutoring occurs on a frequent and consistent basis. One off lessons may be useful for students who only need help with an assignment. For children who have fallen behind, it is recommended that they attend classes weekly, until their results indicate that they are at the appropriate age/stage level. Tutoring is offered across all Canberra suburbs,

Get results

If your child attends weekly tutoring for at least one full term, you will start to see improvement. After one term, students complete an assessment which will measure their progress. At that stage, we can assess whether further tuition is recommended. 

10 week blocks

During your child's free assessment, I will collect data which will help design their 10 week individual tutoring plan. This plan will include tasks for them to complete during school holidays. Evidence tells us that struggling students often fall further behind their peers during the holidays. Assessments offered across Canberra.